Earth Day

#EarthDayProjects with The Garden Charmers...Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Earth Day is Celebrated on April 22 every year since it’s inception in 1970.

First presented by  peace activist John McConnell to honor the Earth, quickly became a day  to promote Earthy things.

Earth Day Network coordinates Earth Day globally.

The name was created by  Gaylord Nelson , who happens to have a birthday on Earth Day…And so does my son Michael! Happy Birthday Michael!

My son, and a whole lot of friends are working on a great project. Re-Establishing Roots. We have just started the process, the first of the  paperwork is filed.

Re-Establishing Roots for a Healthful Community through Gardening.

One of our goals is to inspire Community Gardens.

The Barefoot Garden will be the first. Along with my Community of friends, we will be putting in a 625 sq ft Garden in my backyard. We are still in the planning stages. And boy do we have plans.

My son Michael will be helping with the fence. I will be getting the soil amendments next and will be adding them to the existing soil.

Delphi Supply, our local Hardware Store, will be providing us with Mushroom Soil and Peat Moss.

That, along with Compost holes, will provide the nourishment needed for  The Barefoot Garden to thrive.

Compost Holes are easy with this step-by-step DIY…Magic Touch & Her Compost Holes

The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Dig a hole 12″ deep, throw in Kitchen Scraps as well as “brown” material, return the dirt to the hole and allow Nature to work for you. This is best done in the Fall to have the decomposition ready for your Spring planting, but we will be doing it through out the season. Re-Establishing the soil…

The planning and plotting is still in the works….I will be keeping a Journal of Our Journey….Earth Day, Magic Touch & Her Gardens, The Barefoot Garden

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A hugh Thank You goes out to my Community!

Plant a Garden, and don’t forget to plant an extra row for your local Food Pantry. Ours is Jerusalem Lutheran Food Pantry located in Schwenksville….

Earth Day Projects With The Garden Charmers

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