Re-Establishing Roots, Let’s get Started

My Intention is to turn Re-Establishing Roots, Inc into a Non-Profit. And I am getting tired of waiting! Let’s get Started…The rest will fall into place…

First up is my Donation Page. I just posted yesterday, November 1, Keep checking to see how I am doing. Fingers crossed.

Let's get started Re-Establishing Roots

Click the above image to go to the page. It gives details on our immediate needs. Donate, Share, Explore….

My Followers are few, but Friends are many…I do not know about you, but I am getting tired of waiting.

Let’s get this thing started.

Everything else will fall into place.

This is the first Draft for the first post for Re-Establishing Roots. It will fit nicely into one of our planned projects. We are all about the fix.

In order to find the fix, you need to identify the cause….

We are all about the cause.

Our Cause: Re-Establishing Roots for a Healthful Community through Gardening.

I am currently working on Planting Seeds to Sprout a few Community Gardens for Spring of 2015.

Let's get Started Re-Establishing Roots

This is Betsy & Me, disheveled at best…

Betsy heads up the Patton Project. A Garden Project in Patton Middle School. I had a personal tour, and I was Wowed! With the mission of Community Gardens in Perkiomen Valley, I will be presenting the idea within days of this post. At the very least, I am hoping for permission to start a Community Garden on school property. Hopefully we can rally support.

To view pictures of my visit click my nose, or anywhere else on the image.

I will continue to prepare for the launch of Re-Establishing Roots, asking for your support every now and then. Jump in where you can.

I am so excited!

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