Spring Fever @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens


Spring Fever

Spring Fever @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens

According to Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary~a listless, lazy, or restless feeling commonly associated with the beginning of Spring.

As we change over from our Winter Diets of carbohydrates and fats, to our Summer Diets, vitamins and protein, our body needs time to adjust. Therefore producing “Spring Fever.” Symptoms can include sleepiness, irritability, and even dizziness…

And there is Science behind it…Hormones, of course. Darkness causes the production of Melatonin, the sleep hormone. Serotonin, the happy hormone, needs light, and our reserves become low by Winters end…

February is the month I start looking for signs of Spring. While most people are looking for Robins, my attention goes to the Mergansers on the creek down at Ninth Avenue. The first sighting brings me great joy…

Merganser-americanus- Magic Touch And Her GardensMerganser_americanus

Mid-March to Mid-April can be rougher on some more than others. As Gardeners, we NEED to be in the dirt! An early Spring Garden helps….

Blood root @ Magic Touch & Her GardensBloodroot is one of my first plants to bloom…

Flowering Almond @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens

The Flowering Almond in my Garden surely provides me something to look forward to..

Red-eared Sliders,Trachemys s. elegans @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Red-eared Sliders, Trachemys s. elegans

Seeing the turtles come up to the surface, denotes the end of their Winter slumber.Another sign of  Spring in my Garden

Cyclamen in Bloom @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens

And while I continue to wait for Spring to arrive outside, I will be enjoying the color inside.

Thankx for allowing me to share…Happy Almost Spring!

Spring-Fever-The Garden Charmers

10 Ways To Catch Spring Fever With The Garden Charmers

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