The Miracles of Coconut Oil

Realizing the devastating effects of Chemicals in our lives, Coconut Oil has become a staple in my house. Do what works for you…Many uses to choose from…Here’s to a Healthier You!Cobalt Cosmetic Jars

My bathroom is well stocked.

For more Photos of my Bathroom click here.

Toothpaste: Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

Deodorant: Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, and Corn Starch

Face Moisturizer: Coconut Oil

Body Moisturizer: Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

I discover more ways to use Coconut Oil every day.

It has an SPF of 15, without the harmful Chemicals. It kills fleas on contact.

And it is a great cooking oil.

Coconut Oil is solid below 75 degrees. You can mix it with Olive Oil to prevent it from becoming solid in the winter months (half and half.) In the Summer you can incorporate melted Bees Wax to make it more of a solid (one oz wax to eight oz of oil.)

coconut_oil_benefits13 Benefits of Coconut Oil

From removing Head Lice to soothing Stomach Ulcers…

Read more about it over at Green Meds Info


Coconut Oil and Brain Health…Lots of information linking Coconut Oil and the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Coconut Coffee

The Lucky Writer has discovered a way to get your coconut oil in with your morning coffee.

Recipe can be found here…

oil pulling

Coconut Oil is used for Oil Pulling

Integrative Nutrition has a great article on the subject.

80 uses for coconut oil

A friend just sent me this link to a list compiled by David Luper, Sr

Nature provides everything we need…


Happy Birthday To ME!

Halloween is my Birthday! Having a Halloween Birthday is the BEST!

I think I am taking a day off .

Happy Birthday to ME! Post

Here is what I have been up to for the past few months…Well actually years!

My Man Michael Muche

This is my son Michael…He has been in my life for the past 25 years. Being his Mother has been the greatest gift of my life…

This image was taken in The Rose Garden @ Muhlenberg College

Click here to see the Roses…

Judy A.Muche

I have become a Blogger! I belong to a Tribe of Bloggers known as the Garden Charmers…

Check us out on FaceBook…


Visit our post…You can meet all of us!

Jack o'Lantern Collage

This pretty much speaks for itself…Click here to view this post…

The above round-ups are a group effort by the Charmers…

Magic Touch

I launched my new web site on the 30th Anniversary of Magic Touch.

August 18, 2013

There you will find my before and after pictures of my current location…My Home….

Magic Touch & Her

Mini Woodland Garden

One of my favorite Gardens is my Mini-Woodland Garden

To see more details, click here…

Cobalt Cosmetic Jars

Just today (10-30-13) I did a post on Coconut Oil…

Jack o' Lantern

For a last minute Jack o’Lantern idea check out my post on HomeTalk!

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

And then there is the DIY Halloween Candle Holder made from the scraps of Cindy’s Halloween Quilt!

Speaking of Quilts…

No Calorie Candy

I made this… No Calorie Candy with all the Comfort! A quilt in an over-sized Velvet Heart box…What a wonderful Gift for your Sweetheart (or yourself!)

Check out my web site… The Quilt

Magic Touch & Her Bathroom

 And then we have part of my Renovating…I love my Bathroom…My own personal mini-spa…

Powder Room Before and After

One day makeover…

Mum in Children's Garden @ Longwood

My latest obsession…LOL…Here are some of the picks from the Mum Festival @ Longwood Gardens…One of the most incredible Gardens and they are only 40 minutes away…Lucky me

Barb Rosen and Judy A Muche at Longwood Gardens

And this is my trip to meet Barb Rosen for the first time…Tornado Warnings and all

Longwood Gardens in the Rain

My list would not be complete without my love for Nature….

Green Heron Baby

Magic Touch & Her Birds


And my love for Bugs!

plant list

And last but by no means least, Mr & Mrs Brown’s Garden…

Leave it to us to put in a Garden during the Hottest weekend of the Summer…

It was well worth it…Check it out here…

Happy Halloween w:web

Mum Festival @ Longwood Gardens

From Clouds…

Cloud Mums at Longwood Gardens

To Fireworks!

Salmon Spider Mum @ Longwood Gardens

The Carousel of Blooms is loaded with the different Varieties Longwood  grows…all labeled

Carousel of Blooms @ Longwood Gardens


Bright Pink Mums @ Longwood Gardens

Mum @ Longwood Gardens


Pom-pom Mum @ Longwood Gardens

Orange Daisy Mum @ Longwood Gardens


Lavender Mum @ Longwood Gardens

Mum in Children's Garden @ Longwood


Spider Mum @ Longwood Gardens

Big Mums @ Longwood Gardens

And to cover all of the senses…

Anemone Mum @ Longwood Gardens

The Anemone Mum…

Courtyard @ Longwood Gardens

Pull up a blanket and a great book….This Courtyard is so inviting…

And then there are the displays…

Mum Topiary @ Longwood Gardens


Dome of Mums @ Longwood Gardens

A Small Dome of Mums

Pagoda @ Longwood Gardens

A Pagoda of Mums

Bonsai chrsynthamums

There are Bonsai Chrysanthemums  over in the Bonsai Display

For more of the Bonsai click here

And for  the most spectacular of them all…

Sign @ Longwood Gardens

1000 Blooms

1000 Blooms @ Longwood Gardens

To learn more about the construction and Labor of Love check out the Video….

Thank you for touring Longwood Gardens with me….

Bonsai @ Longwood Gardens


bon” tray, “sai” planting

In the main Conservatory @ Longwood Gardens you will find Bonsai on display.

Bonsai first appeared in China thousands of years ago. Art form meets Horticulture. Bonsai is as diverse as any other Art form. There are five different styles, formal upright, informal upright, cascading, semi-cascading, and slanting or windswept.

These specimens represent hundreds of years of pruning, clipping, and training. Come tour with me…

Azalea Bonsai




Bonsai chrsynthamums


Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm

Dwarf Japenese Garden Juniper

Dwarf Japenese Garden Juniper



Hinoki False Cypress

Hinoki False Cypress

Japanese Black Pine

Japanese Black Pine

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Japenese Zelkova

Japenese Zelkova





Single Mum Bonsai

Single Mum

Longwood Gardens is located in Southeastern PA

at the intersection of Routes 1 & 52

An incredible Estate once the home of Pierre Du Pont

Ott’s Exotic Plants

Ott's Exotics


Ott’s Exotic Plants

A local treasure. The mountain is always a delight. From Easter Sunrise Service to Christmas.

Enjoy the sights.

Mums and Kale

Mountian of Mums

Pumpkin Display

Great selection of Pumpkins

Pumpkins at Ott's

Pumpkins for Sale

Pumpkin Banner

Mums and Kale

Mums and Ornamental Kale for sale

Ornamental Kale

Who knew there were so many to chose from?

Counter Display for Halloween

Great gift ideas are inside

Indian Corn

Wrought Iron Chair

Antique Wrought Iron chair for those who need to take a load off their feet…

Jack o'Lantern

And my favorite…Jack o’Lantern Sleigh Bell….

Hope you enjoyed the tour…

Happy Halloween!

Longwood Gardens in the Rain

Longwood Gardens in the Rain

Barb Rosen and Judy A Muche at Longwood Gardens

Barb Rosen (Our Fairfield Home & Garden) and I met today at Longwood Gardens…for lunch and a stroll in the rain. We have been Following each other on Pinterest for a little over a year now. We recently joined a group of Bloggers, The Garden Charmers, eleven of us total, who are spread out all over the world. Barb and I are both from the Northeastern part of the US. Lucky for us, Longwood provided the perfect place for us to meet in person…

Kousa Dogwood at Longwood Gardens

What a magnificent tree. The Kousa Dogwood. I could not get over the size of the trunk.

Kousa Fruit

A favorite among birds, Kousa fruit is eatable. Over at Eat The Weeds, there is a great article about them…

Fountain at Longwood

As we were nearing the fountain we could here the music. We made it in time to watch the end of the show. Even in the rain, it was refreshing.

Angel Trunpet at Longwood

First up on the Walk of Flowers was a Lavender Angel Trumpet…Purple, my Favorite.

Elephant Ears at Longwood

I look over my right shoulder, and saw a Beautiful example of Elephant Ears…Aren’t they gorgeous?

Quill Mum at Longwood

Quill Mum

Along the Walk of Flowers Longwood has chosen to do their plantings in waves of Color. First up is Pink…
Dahlia at Longwood Gardens


These were taller than me!

Pentas at Longwood Gardens


What a delicate little flower drenched in Pink…

Perfect in Pink At Longwood Gardens

Pink Dahlia

We need to come up with a saying for this image…Perfect in Pink….

Red Dahlia at Longwood Gardens

Red Dahlia

And then there was red…

Galvanized Container at Longwood Gardens

Galvanized Container

I am pretty sure you will find a similar Container in my Garden next year… I am thinking Deep Purple with the Silver Sage…

Lantana at Longwood Gardens


This lies in transition to Yellow….

Salmon Angel Trumpet at Longwood Gardens

Salmon Angel Trumpet

Salmon at it’s Finest!

Gerber Daisies at Longwood Gardens

Gerber Daisies

And then there is the Golden Orange….

Flower Walk at Longwood Gardens

Yellow Dahlia

Next up,  Buttery Yellow!

Yellow Brick Road at Longwood Gardens

Mixed Border Garden

Did we find the Yellow Brick Road?

White Flower Walk at Longwood

Mixed Border

Here is a splash of White…Mounds of Mums emulating Snow…soon enough…

Angel Trumpet Silver Sage at Longwood Gardens

Angel Trumpet, Silver Sage Foliage

Another Angel Trumpet…Even without the Flowers it puts on a fine Show.

Bog Planter at Longwood Gardens

Bog Planter

Doing a planting in a container allows you to plant Bog Plants (those which like wet feet.)

Pitcher Plant at Longwood Gardens

Pitcher Plant

Up close and personal…

These plants provide a wonderful transition to the woods…

Folly at Longwood Gardens


On the other side of the Woods along the path is a Folly…A new one on me. Which by definition means a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose…It would have a purpose if it was in my Garden…LOL.

By this time I had run my batteries down and Barb over at Our fairfield Home & Garden snapped this one…

Glass Pumpkins...Longwood Gardens

Our Tour was cut short with me and Barb, umbrellas open headed toward the Main Gate…The rain was coming down in Buckets…

So we hit the gift shop…My Token…a Glass Pumpkin to add to my collection of one…

I know I didn’t get enough…I will be returning…Look out Barb…

Jack o’ Lantern

Jack o’ Lantern

Jack o'Lantern

Jack o’ Lanterns are a favorite at Halloween.

Jack o' LanternPumpkins are used in North America, while Turnips and Beets are customary in Europe, as early as 1660.


The story is told of Stingy Jack who made a deal with the Devil…He was not welcome in Heaven and he didn’t want to go to Hell so the Devil provided him an ever-burning ember which he placed in a carved Turnip to light his way for Eternity…Read the story at…. The image of the turnip can be viewed at along with a slightly different version of the story….

Hop tu Naa

Hop tu Naa…Manx Halloween

Tanya at Lovely Greens has a wonderful story of Halloween in The Isle of Man. It was interesting to learn her husband and I share a birthday…Halloween….

It is time...For Pumpkins

One of my favorite Jack o’ Lanterns is the painted version. Painting it Black with the Pumpkin color showing as the cutout creates a Glow without the flame, and it keeps much longer. Directions can be found at Magic Touch & Her Pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Pail was a gift from my friend Barb Smith….She painted one of my Galvanized Buckets for me!

Barb's Pile of Pumpkins in the Daylight

A pile of Jack o’ Lanterns over at Our Fairfield Home & Garden….In the Daylight…

Barb's Pile of Pumkins in the Dark

In the Dark…EERIE…but Fun!


Turn your Lantern…into a Plantern….another creative touch.

Visit Stephanie over at Garden Therapy to learn how to make these guys…

diy halloween

Here is a DIY for Wood cutouts from Carol over at The Gardening Cook...

What a fun little project this would be…Best part…Power Tools….

Jack o' Lantern Gear

What an imagination….I just think this Jack o’ Lantern made from a gear is adorable…

Jack o' Lantern up close

The oxidation of the Iron makes this gear the perfect choice for a Pumpkin Face!

Visit Carlene at Organized Clutter to see more of her stuff!

Pumpkin Bike wheel

A Bicycle Wheel turned into a Jack o’Lantern…Another one of Carlene’s creations…

Check out her post to see what other creations Carlene mastered with her Wheel....

Jack o' Lantern Candle Holder

Jack o’ Lanterns on Canvas…Lit from the back…shown with my latest craft, a DIY Halloween Candle Holder. Easy directions are found here.

I found this Jack o’ Lantern canvas at Risher Van Horne…My local florist where I seem to find quite a few presents for me!

Magic Touch & Her Gardens, Jack o'Lanterns for All

My lastest addition to my Pumpkin Collection

A Jack o’Lantern Snowman….What more could I ask for?

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

When you cut your favorite Jack o’ Lantern remember to save seeds…Natural Cures Not Medicine will tell you why…

And for added entertainment…We have the Big Cat Rescue in Tamps Florida…Big Cat Halloween..

Happy Halloween w:web

Happy Halloween Everyone!