Compost Made Easy with The Garden Charmers

There are as many ways to Compost as there are reasons to Compost. Get the Dirt On Dirt!

Compost Made Easy w The Garden Charmers

My fellow Garden Charmers and I have lots of information to share with you on Composting. Compost made easy. Feel free to click the links to learn more about Composting.

First up: Composting using Compost Holes…

Magic Touch & Her Compost Holes

Barb over at Our Fairfield Home & Garden has a great post on Vermicomposting. You can make Compost right in your own Kitchen! Vermicomposting in a plastic tub. That is the result you get…right in your very own Kitchen…

Amy from A Healthy Life for Me explains Composting in Bins, with directions. Compost Bins

Lynne from Sensible Gardening and Living has a post featuring the 4 bin system.

Composting in the Garden

Heather over at New House New Home has a DIY using Pallets

Jumping on the Pallet Craze with a Composting System

Here is a method using brown lunch bags…Remember those?

Carol over at The Gardening Cook has a great article to explain how…

Composting on the Spot…using brown paper bags.

Jacki over at O-Garden has a detailed step by step for layering your Compost Pile. Instructions

O-Garden has an article on Organic Composting. Gardening Compost

Shelley over at Sow & Dipity explains the ins and outs of  an outside Compost pile.

The Dirt on Composting

The Gardening Cook also has a nice article on maintaining your pile by rolling it. Your Compost Pile

Stephanie from Garden Therapy explains Compost Tea.

 How to make Compost Tea Brewer

The Gardening Cook made the list of Don’ts when it comes to Composting. Things You Should Never Compost

Well that should about cover it. What, how, why, and when! Enjoy making your own Dirt!


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