Earth Day

#EarthDayProjects with The Garden Charmers...Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Earth Day is Celebrated on April 22 every year since it’s inception in 1970.

First presented by  peace activist John McConnell to honor the Earth, quickly became a day  to promote Earthy things.

Earth Day Network coordinates Earth Day globally.

The name was created by  Gaylord Nelson , who happens to have a birthday on Earth Day…And so does my son Michael! Happy Birthday Michael!

My son, and a whole lot of friends are working on a great project. Re-Establishing Roots. We have just started the process, the first of the  paperwork is filed.

Re-Establishing Roots for a Healthful Community through Gardening.

One of our goals is to inspire Community Gardens.

The Barefoot Garden will be the first. Along with my Community of friends, we will be putting in a 625 sq ft Garden in my backyard. We are still in the planning stages. And boy do we have plans.

My son Michael will be helping with the fence. I will be getting the soil amendments next and will be adding them to the existing soil.

Delphi Supply, our local Hardware Store, will be providing us with Mushroom Soil and Peat Moss.

That, along with Compost holes, will provide the nourishment needed for  The Barefoot Garden to thrive.

Compost Holes are easy with this step-by-step DIY…Magic Touch & Her Compost Holes

The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Dig a hole 12″ deep, throw in Kitchen Scraps as well as “brown” material, return the dirt to the hole and allow Nature to work for you. This is best done in the Fall to have the decomposition ready for your Spring planting, but we will be doing it through out the season. Re-Establishing the soil…

The planning and plotting is still in the works….I will be keeping a Journal of Our Journey….Earth Day, Magic Touch & Her Gardens, The Barefoot Garden

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A hugh Thank You goes out to my Community!

Plant a Garden, and don’t forget to plant an extra row for your local Food Pantry. Ours is Jerusalem Lutheran Food Pantry located in Schwenksville….

Earth Day Projects With The Garden Charmers


Compost Made Easy with The Garden Charmers

There are as many ways to Compost as there are reasons to Compost. Get the Dirt On Dirt!

Compost Made Easy w The Garden Charmers

My fellow Garden Charmers and I have lots of information to share with you on Composting. Compost made easy. Feel free to click the links to learn more about Composting.

First up: Composting using Compost Holes…

Magic Touch & Her Compost Holes

Barb over at Our Fairfield Home & Garden has a great post on Vermicomposting. You can make Compost right in your own Kitchen! Vermicomposting in a plastic tub. That is the result you get…right in your very own Kitchen…

Amy from A Healthy Life for Me explains Composting in Bins, with directions. Compost Bins

Lynne from Sensible Gardening and Living has a post featuring the 4 bin system.

Composting in the Garden

Heather over at New House New Home has a DIY using Pallets

Jumping on the Pallet Craze with a Composting System

Here is a method using brown lunch bags…Remember those?

Carol over at The Gardening Cook has a great article to explain how…

Composting on the Spot…using brown paper bags.

Jacki over at O-Garden has a detailed step by step for layering your Compost Pile. Instructions

O-Garden has an article on Organic Composting. Gardening Compost

Shelley over at Sow & Dipity explains the ins and outs of  an outside Compost pile.

The Dirt on Composting

The Gardening Cook also has a nice article on maintaining your pile by rolling it. Your Compost Pile

Stephanie from Garden Therapy explains Compost Tea.

 How to make Compost Tea Brewer

The Gardening Cook made the list of Don’ts when it comes to Composting. Things You Should Never Compost

Well that should about cover it. What, how, why, and when! Enjoy making your own Dirt!

Magic Touch & Her Compost Holes

Magic Touch & Her Gardens is expanding. We will be putting in a Community Garden, The Barefoot Garden! My Community is pulling together to produce a food garden. We will be growing our own veggies, herbs, along with other Edibles. We are starting from scratch. The Barefoot Garden is using Compost Holes to help convert clay based soil into something wonderful! A Great Garden starts with great soil. Amending your current soil is rather easy to do. Compost is the way to go. Mixing amendments with your current soil is your best choice. We will also be adding Mushroom Soil and Peat Moss purchased at our Local Hardware Store, Delphi Supply. We will be tilling to amendments into a few inches of top soil with lots of clay underneath. Underneath the clay is Red Shale. My property sits on a shale bed with a water table way too close to the surface. Putting in a Garden will help offset storm water… The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her GardensThe Barefoot Garden under snow cover. March 26, 2014. With the Winter we have had this is a welcome sight. We are hoping it is the onion Snow. According to The Pennsylvania Dutch, the Onion Snow is the last snow occurring in Spring. It signifies the time to plant the onions.

The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her GardensMaking Compost Holes are easy.

The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her Gardens First you need to gather your tools and supplies. A shovel, kitchen scraps, and leaves will do the trick.   The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her Gardens   Dig 12″ into the dirt and remove plug. I am surprised, pleasantly I might add, my soil is much nicer than I thought it would be. I guess 50+ years of mowing has created a nice soil.   The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her Gardens Throw in a handful of “brown” material, I choose leaves. You can use straw or other dry clippings.   The Barefoot Garden Compost Holes Magic Touch & Her Gardens Throw in Kitchen Scraps. A nice mixture of eggshells, greens, and a banana peel should do the trick. The more variety the more nutrients. Ex: Eggshells provide Calcium, Banana peels provide Potassium, and the greens provide Nitrogen.   Compost Holes The Barefoot Garden Magic Touch & Her GardensAdd another handful of brown material. I chose Oak Leaves for the acid content. It will help temper the alkalinity of the clay soil.   Compost Holes The Barefoot Garden Magic Touch & Her Gardens Replace the dirt, breaking it up as you put it back in the hole.   Compost Holes The Barefoot Garden Magic Touch & Her Gardens I put the lid on upside down. If you put the plug of grass upside down the grass will also decompose adding more nutrients to your soil. Compost holes are best put it in the Fall, to allow Nature to do her part over the Winter. That way they are ready for your Spring planting. Done! Now Nature will take over. For more on composting…Compost Made Easy w The Garden Charmers Get the Dirt…Compost Made Easy with The Garden Charmers