DIY Halloween Candle Holder

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

And to think it all started with a Quilt…

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

What a great use for Quilting scraps.

DIY Halloween Candle Holder Supply List

Collecting the supplies is a favorite step in any DIY project. Make your list and go to it.

Glow in the Dark Paint

The first thing I did was apply the Glow in the Dark paint to the fabric. It adds stiffness when dry. Making it easier to cut out the pieces to be glued to the pot. If you do not have fabric you can use printed paper. Just make sure it is not a water soluble ink. The paint and glue would make it run.

Black Flower Pot

While the Glow in the Dark paint was drying I painted the flower pot and saucer Black.

Rough Cut Pumpkins

And then I rough cut the Pumpkins and Candy from the fabric.

Clean up edges

You need a very sharp pair of scissors to cut the fabric. Get as close to the edges as possible. In this case I didn’t need to worry much because the ground is black and so is the pot I am applying the pieces to…

Glue your pieces on, spray it with a Clear coat, fill it with Candy Corn, add your candle and there you have it!

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

When you burn the candle it warms the Candy Corn filling the room with the sweet smell of Halloween…Enjoy!

Magic Touch & Her Pumpkins

Magic Touch & Her Pumpkins

It is Time…Fall has arrived, leaves are falling, and the great Pumpkin Harvest is in full swing…

Here is one of my favorites.

It is time...For Pumpkins

I bought the Pumpkin Stand at Risher Van Horne last year for my birthday…Which happens to be on Halloween.

Painting a pumpkin rather than cutting it has it’s advantages. The pumpkin will last a whole lot longer and it is rather easy to do.

Start with a Pumpkin

Start with a Pumpkin…


Gather your supplies. You will need Duct Tape, black acrylic paint, and a clear coat to make it waterproof…I uses Crystal Clear spray paint.

Duct Tape for Face

Cut two pieces, one for the mouth and the other for the eyes and nose. Cut two triangles for the eyes and one for the nose. Cut the desired shape for the mouth.

Duct Tape for Face

Adhere the cutouts to your pumpkin making sure the edges are sealed to prevent the paint from seeping under the tape.

Paint your pumpkin black. Don’t worry too much if the tape lifts some of the paint around the cutouts, you can always touch them up.

Remove Tape

Spray with a clear coat, and Viola! You have a face that glows….

Pumpkin Pail

This Pumpkin Pail was a gift from my friend Barb Smith. She painted it Pumpkin Orange. Then she painted on the face, outlined it with Gold and finished it with a stain. I love the Patina….Thank you!

Magic Touch & Her Bathroom

Magic Touch & Her Bathroom

Cobalt Cosmetic Jars

It all started with the tub….Clawfoot Dated April 21 1921This Clawfoot, dated April 21, 1922, was a gift to me….When it first arrived it was in the Garden planted with Flowers for the Butterflies. When it came time to do the downstairs renovations it was refinished and moved indoors. The bottom is Hammered Metal, Silver. The feet got a few coats of Satin White. And the inside was reglazed. Fixtures were purchased at Vintage Tub

ShowerThe Shower is 36″ X 36″ complete with Ruffled Tin for the ceiling….My first and probably last attempt installing a wet-bed. And I really do not ever have to tile again…What an undertaking…The Grouting was the most challenging of all…In spite of it all…I have a great shower.

TileThis is a closeup of the tile I used…Dolphin…Love the texture…

ToiletPlacing the toilet between the shower and closet worked well. I wasn’t real sure about placing it in front of a window, but as far as I know, the neighbors can’t see in…

The curtains are Shower Curtains on Springs on a spring rod…Hemming wasn’t a problem, just cut it to size.

ShellsI keep a basket, painted Cobalt Blue, filled with shells I have collected over the years on the back of the toilet.

Bathroom SinkThe ruffled tin Wainscoting provides a nice backdrop for a pedestal sink.  Storage is provided in the shelving unit with galvanized bins for easy access .

Cobalt Cosmetic JarsAn array of cosmetic jars are filled with my homemade toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, and body lotion.

For more info go to my post  The Miracles of Coconut Oil

Rock ThresholdThe thresh hold was constructed using polished river rock ant sand grout. I have also placed piles of rocks in the shower and in the corner under the sink. I have a rug made from river rock in front of the sink as well…Bringing Nature indoors…

DisplayCrabs are another favorite of mine…I keep them under the tub…There is a display of Beachy Art on the floor under the window.

Shelf CollageA collection of Cobalt Glass lines the shelves. Most of, if not all of the pieces were given to me by friends and clients. Ask and you shall receive….

For an extra added Bonus…Take a Detox Bath

Detox Bath Magic Touch & Her Gardens

I hope you enjoyed seeing my bathroom as much as I enjoy having it….

Magic Touch & Her Weeds

Magic Touch & Her Weeds

Plantago Major Collage

There are many reasons to have weeds in your Garden. I know, I know…Who would want weeds? Well this is one weed you surely want…..

Plantago Major

Nature’s Anti-Venom

For every action there is a reaction in Nature.

Finding solutions to Nature’s Stings are right under foot. Introduced in the late 1600’s, Plantain became favored by Native Americans, Native American Healing Secrets, by Porter Shimer, for all of the properties it holds.

Plantain is a natural anti-venom. It neutralizes the toxins injected by insects and spiders. It also works on Stingray stings. It is also known to relieve burns, including sunburn. I always carry a container of salve where ever I go…

Plantain Salve

When I first started making salve I used petroleum jelly for my base. I have since changed to Beeswax and Olive Oil. Add your Essential Oil at the very end, otherwise it will evaporate during the heating process. I chose Peppermint to mask the “weedy” smell. Peppermint Oil has healing properties as well. I purchase my supplies at Mountain Rose Herbs.

If you do not have salve, simply chew a Plantain Leaf and apply it to the bite. You will be amazed at the relief you feel…

Psyllium Seed

Plantago Major, Psyllium Seed

Psyllium seed husks are an incredible source of dietary fiber…and it is Gluten-free….



Plantain also serves as the Host plant for many different Butterflies, the Buckeye being among them.

So there you have it folks….Plant weeds….or at least allow them room to grow…

Nature’s Insecticides

Nature’s Insecticides

Planting a Garden provides Nature a place to land. I love chasing butterflies…I actually get dive bombed by them in my Garden…And what is even better…Hummingbird fights. They will sit and wait for an intruder and challenge their opponent….I have seen them chase sparrows….That being said, you can’t have a healthy Garden without insecticides….The best choice: Nature….allow Nature in!

Nature's Insecticides

Natures’ Insecticides

Put in a Garden pond. Ponds provide water, food, and shelter.

Top Pond

Build it and they will come…

bullfrog:duckweedFrogs eat bugs.

Barb, from Our Fairfield Home and Garden found this little guy while on the Newark Garden Tour back in June….

ToadThis is one of my resident American Toads, he lives under one of my rain barrels.

Frogs and toads both, are Amphibians. They lay their eggs in slow moving water. Your Garden Pond provides the perfect place. The eggs hatch into tadpoles. At this stage they are Herbivores(vegetarian) and have gills which allows them the ability to breathe under water. When they Metamorphose, change into their adult form, they develop lungs to breathe air and become Carnivores(meat eaters.) Insects are their favorite…

Red Comet Goldfish

Red Comet Goldfish, although they are not native, they have become the most popular fish for Garden Ponds. As long as your pond is 29″ deep, in Zone 6, they will overwinter.

Fish are an important resident of your Garden Pond. Being Omnivores(eating both plants and animals) they are the first line of defense against insects, like the dreaded Mosquito…Goldfish feed on insect larvae and Algae.

Redeared Sliders covered in duckweed

Turtles are also Omnivores. I love having them in my Garden. My Red-eared Sliders were rescues.

Placing stone in your Garden also provides homes for other insect eating creatures to thrive…

Dry Stacked Wall

My friend Jacki had built this wall to provide a place for her Drought Smart Plants to thrive and built a great hiding place for….

Northern Alligator Lizard

A Northern Alligator Lizard (Elgaria coerulea) can be found on the North American west coast…

Bull Snake

This baby Bull Snake resides in Lynne’s Garden over at Sensible Gardening and Living. For more of Lynne’s wildlife check out her Board, Garden Wildlife & Wildflowers on Pinterest.

Reptiles and Amphibians are cold blooded, they get their warmth from the Sun. 

Bats also play an important role in our Eco-System…

Jacki's Little Brown Bat

This Little Brown Bat is also from Jacki’s Garden. Check out Jacki’s board, Xeric Garden Critters on Pinterest…

Bats are so important for insect control, eating up to their entire body weight in one night! And Mosquitos happen to be their favorite….Providing Bat Houses should keep them out of your eaves…

And don’t forget the daytime flyers, birds.


Many different birds eat insects. Swallows fly agape, with their beaks open, to catch insects in the air.

Mosquitos are one of the most dreaded insects.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Prior to the introduction of the Asian Tiger Mosquito, now in PA, we only were annoyed by them after dusk…These guys are active throughout the day…Lucky us!

For more info go to Mosquito Magnet Depot

And then there are the Spiders….

Crab Spider

Carlene from Organized Clutter captured this spider in her cousin’s garden.

Crab Spider Misumena, Misumenops, does not spin a web to capture prey, it sits atop flowers and waits for insects to visit…It has the ability to change color.

Orb spider

Orb Spider, Argiope Strands of UV-reflecting silk in the orb-weaver web warn birds, attract insects.

Carolina Mantis

A Carolina Mantis lays in wait. This is the first year I have had these in my Gardens. I had never known we had more than one variety, other than the Praying Mantis. Come to learn we also have a  Chinese mantis, Tenodera sinensis, which has been introduced through pet stores. They are sold as food. A Chinese mantis can reach lengths of 4.5″ and have been known to kill Hummingbirds.

Depending on Nature to take care of it’s self is always the best choice…If you feel compelled to use an insecticide please use what nature provides. Lavender, Neem, and even Marigold can be used to make a spray…Remember, there would be no Butterflies without Caterpillars


Devon’s Garden

Devon’s Garden

As you turn the corner, you see a wonderful stand of trees, a well manicured edge planted with Begonias…What a wonderful front yard…A mini replica of Colorado complete with fast running stream…meander through the garden with the sound of rushing water at your feet… It provides a great nature center for the family to enjoy for many years to come…

Outside Corner

Bring Colorado home to the front yard….


The slate walkway meanders along the stream leading you to the front door…

 front walk

A wonderful Welcome…


The waterfall provides the sound of rushing water….a miniature river replacing the standard lawn…a place for children to grow….


A peaceful place to relax and enjoy Nature…

Stream Closeup

The stream picks up momentum as it comes to it’s end….


Only to be transported back to the waterfall where it all began…

Stream end

To the right of the stream there is a replica of a stoney outcrop…

center Island

Dawn Redwoods, Aspen, and Blue Spruce are among the stand of trees providing a natural “fence” keeping the children safe….

Inside Middle

The understory is comprised of shrubs and boulders….

Inside Middle Inset

This end of the Garden provides even more protection…You would never know of the busy road that lies just on the other side.

Inside End

Between the lush forest and the sound of running water, the outside world disappears…And the best part of the garden is the native Bears, five of them….Thank you for sharing….

Devon's Turkey Magic Touch & Her GardensThe latest addition to Devon’s Garden…A wild turkey…

Wonder if he will hang around fo Thanksgiving dinner…LOL…

Magic Touch & Her Birds

Magic Touch & Her Birds

One of the perks of having Gardens is the birds they attract. Providing food, water, and shelter creates a haven for our feathered friends.

While assembling a board on Pinterest, I was astounded by the number of birds I have in and above my Gardens. The images  in Her Garden & The Birds were found at Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds.

Finally learning how to use a camera has allowed me to photograph the birds I see often. The images are from Magic Touch & Her Gardens, the pond in Zieglerville, as well as Cape May NJ.

From Magic Touch & Her Gardens


Male Goldfinch…Is the coast clear? Looking to see if it is safe to indulge in the bounty of Sunflower seeds.

Goldfinch female

And this is his partner checking things out as well…

Goldfinch male

Looking through the Garden gate….Planting Sunflowers and Coneflowers are sure to attract Goldfinches to any Garden.


And here we have a Robin. This is her stopping post before she enters her nest…I have at least 10 different sites where I have found Robin’s nests in my Garden…They are fond of my ladders. There was even a nest built on a Aluminum ladder stored on the inside of my fence…

Song Sparrow Magic Touch & Her Gardens

A Song Sparrow guarding his nest during a snow storm…

Dark-eyed Junco Magic Touch & Her Gardens

One of our Winter residents…


My eerie image of a Crow. Not real fond of them, but their role in Nature is just as important as any other. Birds tend to sit on the dead side of this tree. It allows them a better vantage point.


And here we have a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird who wandered into my kitchen. Having flowers with trumpet shaped blooms will draw these little beauties into your Garden, and your house if you leave doors open…

And now for Cape May…

Purple Martins

There are a few Purple Martin houses at Cape May Point State Park. Busy with activity. Purple Martins live in communities located near a large body of water.


A Common Sandpiper feeding at the waters edge on Diamond Beach.

Osprey Nest

From one of my favorite vantage points, Miss Chris Dock…I captured this image while waiting for the boat to return to dock…An Osprey nest w/the occupants…


Ospreys are Fish Hawks. For more images of birds at the shore,visit Birding By Boat….

And now for my visit to the pond…

Family of geese

A family of Canada Geese swim across the pond early in the season. Flanked by the parents to provide protection from predators.

Wading Killdeer

This Killdeer was taking a bath near the ponds edge.

Blue Heron..

Caught you…Great Blue Heron are abundant in our area.

Green Heron nest

 In the middle of the pond is a small island with a willow tree…A nesting site for Green Heron…This nest has two babies…

Blue Heron Baby

And this nest…look at those babies…another Green Heron nest on the other side of the tree….what a surprise!

I went for another visit to the pond…First up…

Belted Kingfisher

A Belted Kingfisher

Great Blue Fishing

Great Blue Heron fishing atop a tiny island…

Last but certainly not least,

Aerie Magic Touch & Her GardensIf we could just get him to trim that branch.
This is the nest I have view of from my kitchen door. The eggs should be hatching real soon…
Did you know an Eagle’s nest can reach 9 1/2 feet across and weigh over 2 tons? The shape can range from conical (like this one,) to flat. Sometimes they even build them on the ground….

I hope you enjoyed Bird Watching with me….