Magic Touch & Her Winter Comforts

Winter Comforts By The Garden Charmers: Creative and Delicious Ways To Enjoy The SeasonToday some blogging friends from The Garden Charmers are sharing their favorite winter comforts. From delicious food to creative handwork projects, we’ve got what you need to make winter a little warmer. See the bottom of this post for all of the project links.

But first, here’s mine:

Winter can be hard on Gardeners….unless you have those little comforts to keep warm…

Roasted Chicken Soup Magic Touch  Her GardensRoasted Chicken Soup is one of my comforts…

Roast a chicken with carrots, celery, and onion….

Remove the chicken and the carrots from your pan…Separate meat from the bones…place the bones back into the roasting pan, fill with water and bring to a boil……Your broth is done….Strain broth into containers…dice your chicken and slice the carrots, add them to the broth, add flaked parsley and you have a full bodied soup with incredible rich flavor… and it freezes well…

Serving suggestions:

Add spinach leaves instead of pasta for more nutrition..

or you can add cooked rice, barley, or lentils…


Quilts are another Winter Comfort for me…

The Cedar Chest The Quilt CabinetThis would be my personal collection…There are Quilts everywhere, providing warmth from the Winter chill….for more on these Quilts and others, click here…

The Quilt Cabinet offers Handmade Quilts, T-shirt, and Photo Quilts....The Quilt Cabinet has Quilts for Sale…You could have your very own…Which one is your favorite?

Produce Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Here is an up-close of my Produce Quilt….What Veggies do you grow?

 Click here for a closer view…of all the Quilts in my Cabinet…

All the while working on the Garden plans for Spring…What do you have in store?

No Calorie Candy with all the Comfort/ The Quilt Cabinet

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Gift…I have that covered…No Calorie Candy with all the Comfort!


Winter Comforts By The Garden Charmers
Please visit my friends for more projects, recipes, and ideas, and leave a comment saying hello!

Winter Comforts By The Garden Charmers: Creative and Delicious Ways To Enjoy The Season

Angel Ornaments, DIY


Step by Step DIY

Angel Ornaments by Magic Touch  & Her Gardens

Another Craft inspired by Pinterest…

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Gather your Supplies:

Butterfly (paper) Clips~small

8mm Pearl Beads

1/8″ Ribbon

Scissors & Embroidery Needle

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her GardensTo get an 8″ ribbon, wrap it around a piece of cardboard which measures 4″

I used the bead packaging…

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her GardensCut along one edge to get your pieces…

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her GardensThread your needle, pick up a bead, thread ribbon through the very center of your clip…

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her GardensThread ribbon through bottom of your bead…

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her GardensKnot the end…

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her GardensAnd before you know it, you have a pile of Angels. You will get about 20 from a 5 yard spool of ribbon…I got 44 from 2 spools…

Angel Ornaments by Magic Touch  & Her GardensAnd you have an Angel Ornament…

Makin' Angels Magic Touch & Her GardensAngel Ornaments are great for giveaways…Miss Em did her Senior Project on Breast Cancer and gave the ornaments as a token…and she scored 95% on her project…

Way to go Miss Em!

Oatmeal in the Raw

Oatmeal in the Raw

Fast food at it’s finest!

Oatmeal in the Raw Magic Touch & Her Gardens SMThis is one of the easiest power packed meals you could make…Healthy, clean eating…

Another Pinterest inspired recipe from The Yummy Life

It is easy!

Start by gathering your supplies:

6 Pint jars w/lids

1/2 Gallon Almond Milk

1 Quart No-fat Greek Yogurt

Rolled Oats

Chia Seeds

Dried Blueberries

Dried Tart Cherries

Fresh Blueberries, to add just prior to eating


In each jar, add

2/3 c Almond Milk

1 Tbl Chia Seeds

1/2 c Greek Yogurt

1/2 c Rolled oats

Dried fruit

Put the lid on and shake, place in the refrigerator overnight…

Add Fresh Fruit in the morning and you are good to go…don’t forget the spoon…

*This recipe can be altered to suit your taste…

Overnight oatmeal The yummy lifeThe Yummy Life has an article worth reading…and a link to even more flavors…The possibilities are endless…Click here to read more...

What a Great Start to your day!

Here is another Breakfast alternative…

Cookies for Breakfast...An amazing recipe for cookies you can eat for Breakfast...Recipe found at for Breakfast

Taking Care…

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, January 20th

I believe the answer to his question is: Taking care of myself!

By taking care of ourselves first, we have the energy to care for others. Charity starts at home…

We tend to be overwhelmed with the world around us, for good reason. My Promise is to take care of me first, by cleaning up my diet, learning the importance of nutrition, and preparing Healthy food…and then the sharing starts…

I am fortunate to have access to incredible information. Learning about the “food like substances” we are consuming has put me on an incredible road to healing. And how our everyday lives erode away at our health.

The instinct to heal

We all have the ability to Heal…The information in this book gives you very easy steps to maintain a Healthy brain…Chaos to Coherence is as easy as 2 deep breathes…Chaos to Coherence. Magic touch & Her Gardens

As we experience Stress and Trauma our brains become separated, producing chemicals to which if left unchecked can cause damage. Chapter 5 teaches you how easy it is to start the repair process  through Rapid Eye Movement…it is that easy…Coping Skills 101…

Food rules

Michael Pollen is a Journalist who took an interest in the “Western” Diet…With a touch of humor added, he makes it real simple to understand what we are consuming…”Food Like Substances”…

World's Healthiest foods

The World’s Healthiest Food is the most comprehensive book on food I have read to date…well, not cover to cover, but the information is all there…Best resource on food I have found…

My Library is extensive…and well used…I am only sharing things I have learned along my path called Life…

Reading these books is what you can do for others…especially if you are feeding children…Nutrition is the key!

* Book Links are to Town Book Center & Cafe…My “local” book store…

Magic Touch & Her Community Service

Magic Touch & Her Community Service

The 5th Grade Quilt Project is a great way for me to serve my Community.

My Community Service puts my Quilting talents to the test…every year for the past 15.

This April we will be starting the process again. 2014 will be my 16th year!

April 1st we start working on a Theme. Once it is chosen I get to work designing 2 Quilts, 1 for Schwenksville Elementary, and 1 for Evergreen Elementary. We try to coordinate the theme to work for both schools. Each student makes a Quilt Block. When the Blocks are complete I put them together. After I put the top, batting, and back together the students hand-knot it at The Colonial Fair.

 Below you will see some of their work, and they do a great job!

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectEvergreen Elementary 1999

I first helped with the 5th Grade Quilt when my son was in 5th grade. A Colonial Theme, done in shades of Red, White, & Blue. Each class is represented with a different fabric. Each student had 2 triangles, Muslin to stamp a Colonial icon, and their class fabric. They sewed them together to form a square, their Quilt Block. I arranged them to create a horizontal pattern. These Quilts are then hand-knotted by the students at their Colonial Fair held in May. I then bind the Quilt and it gets returned to the school, usually the next day. The Quilt remains in the school of origin until the class is ready to graduate…and off to grace the halls of the High School…It then gets returned to the Elementary School to hang forever in the hall…

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectEvergreen Elementary, 2000

The Reflection of 2000, Hung upside down for their Graduation year 2007

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectEvergreen Elementary 2001

American Flag Quilt done in “tea stained” fabric to look old. These have been carried during School Parades, leading the way!

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectEvergreen Elementary 2003

This Quilt is Hopi inspired. When Missionaries visited the Hopi Tribe they brought with them White Cross Squares, post card pieces of fabric collected from their Congregation. Teaching the women of the Tribe how to make Quilts.

I collected fabric from my clients, so we could have a different fabric for each student. I then cut the fabric into 3 pieces, a square for them, a smaller piece to give to a buddy, and a strip to be used in the border with their name on it. Resulting in no 2 blocks alike. It took a Village for this one…

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectHelping Hands

Each student is represented by a hand and a Heart, 4 come together to create a larger block. All sewn together to create a Community of Helping Hands. Thank you Miss Em for lending me a Hand!

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectEvergreen & Schwenksville  Elementary 2006

Building a Foundation for a Better Community

2 Quilts brought together in 1 image with the help of Modern Technology

Each Brick represents a student….

Miller Building Quilt The Quilt CabinetSchwenksville Elementary 2008

The Miller Building

In 2008, one of the ideas for Schwenksville Elementary was a one-room schoolhouse. I went to the books, Montgomery County, The Second Hundred Years.  I found information about a one-room schoolhouse in Schwenksville on Main Street. I could not picture it. I made a few calls and not one person could come up with where the building was. Schwenksville Borough Hall would be the building.

In the meantime, we decided to use the Miller building. Old school building, used to be on the property, and then there is the connection with the bell that had hung in the bell tower. I started working on the design. Look what we ended up with!

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectEvergreen Elementary 2011

The Theme was Math.  Evergreen did Pi and Schwenksville did the Multiplication Table

Magic Touch & Her Community Service, 5th Grade Quilt ProjectEvergreen Elementary 2012

Christmas of 2011 Evergreen Elementary participated in a competition hosted by B101. They performed Blitzen’s Boogie…We made a Quilt out of the sheet music…

Audio provided by ATI Entertainment…Click Here to Listen…

To read more about it in The Perkiomen Valley Patch, click here…

More of The 5th Grade Quilts can be viewed on The Quilt Cabinet’s The School Quilt page….scroll to the bottom to view the film strip…

Magic Touch & Her School Quilts

The Quilt Cabinet

Perkiomen Valley School District,  Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Orange & Brown

When my son was between second and third grade, our district built a new elementary school. I decided the new building needed its own quilt. And then it started…Quilts for each building, South being the only building not represented…

Evergreen Quilt The Quilt Cabinet1996

Skippack Elementary Quilt The Quilt Cabinet1998

Schwenksville Elementary Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2004

Miller Building Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2008

For more info on The 5th Grade Quilt Project click here…

Perkiomen Valley High School Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2003

Perkiomen Valley East Middle School Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2004

Perkiomen Valley West Middle School Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2004

Perkiomen Valley Yearbook The Quilt CabinetWhat an Honor! Me and my School Quilts were used as the ground for the Middle School Yearbook. There is even a little tribute to me….

Perkiomen Valley Quilt Lady Perkiomen Valley Patch Joanne LaSpina The Quilt Cabinet

Joanne LaSpina had written an incredible article all about me!

Perkiomen Valley Quilt Lady…Another honor!

The School Quilts represent so much for me. Perkiomen Valley Pride at it’s finest. Please visit The Quilt Cabinet/The School Quilts for more detail on these Quilts…Quilts always have a Story! Enjoy!

Magic Touch & Her Cedar Chest

The Quilt Cabinet

My Cedar Chest if chock full of Quilts…Miniatures, Lap, Summer, and even an Amish Quilt

The Cedar Chest The Quilt CabinetWhat you see in the Chest are my personal Treasures…The Christmas Log Cabin is the first “official” Quilt I had made. The large Dresden Plate is an Amish made Quilt given to me as a gift. The Miniature Dresden Plate, on the front of the Chest, has 15 different pieces to make up each “plate” hand appliqued on Muslin. Finished w/hand quilting….

For more detail on these Quilts visit The Cedar Chest @ The Quilt Cabinet…

I have made a whole lot of Quilts, here is but a few…

Pig Quilt The Quilt CabinetFirst up is a Pig Quilt.

A Scrappy Applique I did a few years back…1997 to be exact. One of the few Quilts I signed….

Oragami Quilt The Quilt CabinetThis Kimono Quilt was made using a pattern from a book titled Fabric Origami.

Fabric Oragami The Quilt CabinetHere it is a little closer…See the folded fabric which is called Ushiromigoro.

The Quilt Cabinet Crown Royal

This Quilt is made from Crown Royal bags…It hangs in a hunting cabin up the mountains…

The Quilt Cabinet Flag QuiltAnd here we have the American Flag Quilt…Love Red, White, and Blue…

TheQuiltCabinet Miniature FlagA picture of my Mini Flag…

It is hanging on the open door of my Quilt Cabinet, which would explain the awkward angle…

Miniature Dresdan Plate The Quilt CabinetA close up of the Miniature Dresden Plate I did. Each one of those tiny little circles are made with 15 different pieces of fabric…

I sure do hope you enjoyed my Quilts. Please visit The Cedar Chest page on The Quilt to view more of my work…Click here

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