*Update* The Barefoot Garden

As May ended and June jumped in, The Barefoot Garden is proving to be a success, with a few exceptions.

The Barefoot Garden: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly…

Re-Establishing Roots Barefoot Style The Barefoot Garden

The outside of the Garden is ready to Grow…

Check out the Gate: DIY Garden Gate , The Barefoot Garden How to turn an old door into a gate.

The Barefoot Garden ready to GrowThe outside edge of The Barefoot Garden is done. Cardboard and a thick mat of Newspaper were used to cover the sod. I then layered straw on top. It creates a buffer for the Garden.

The Barefoot Garden

Need more planting space? Here are a few things we did @ The Barefoot Garden.

*Update* The Barefoot Garden...Come watch us grow.

Container Gardening at its finest…wait until you see what I did with

A Bathtub,  A Wagon & Buckets….Container Gardening, Barefoot Style

Straw Bale Gardening, Container Gardening, Barefoot Style

The Straw Bales are sprouting: Straw Bale Gardening, Barefoot Style 

Container Gardening, Barefoot Style

Potato Towers are doing well: Potato Tower @ The Barefoot Garden

The Barefoot Garden

Things are starting to Bloom

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

The Tomatoes are starting to flower

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

Borage, an Herb beneficial to Bees…

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

Nasturtium is Blooming. Wouldn’t that look pretty in your salad bowl?

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

Zucchini is doing well

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

Lots of Blueberries…Hopefully we will get them before the birds do…

The Barefoot Garden

And now for the not so good….*Update* The Barefoot Garden

I planted 7 rows of Peas. I placed them at the foot of the beds against the fence. Well this is the only one intact. Some little critter got them.

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

I am planting Marigolds along the edge to deter them. Mint would work better, but it is way to invasive to plant in a veggie garden. Next year the marigolds will be planted sooner.

Next up we have the Cabbage Patch @ The Barefoot Garden

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

Along with all of the veggies in the cabbage family comes Cabbage Whites.

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

One day while working in the Garden, I watched a Cabbage White. It flew over The Cabbage Patch.

*Cabbage White are the only Butterfly considered a pest.

Let me show you why…*Update* The Barefoot Garden

 This is what they do. They lay their eggs on anything in the Cabbage Family. The eggs hatch, and the caterpillars eat your cabbage! I pulled off the ones I could find, fed them to the birds, and they dusted with Diatomaceous Earth.

I planted Onions, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Apparently they don’t work as well as you are led to believe…


One of the Broccoli plants bolted…maybe I should collect seeds and try again in August.

Last but not least…

*Update* The Barefoot Garden

This is the Eggplant. Not much hope here.

The Barefoot Garden: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly…


2 thoughts on “*Update* The Barefoot Garden

  1. Great job Judy! I really love what you’ve done. The “ugly” is never good to see, but I think overall it’s a huge success !

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