Potting & Planting Tomatoes, Barefoot Style

There are many reasons to pot Tomatoes.

No room? No more excuses. Learn how to pot Tomatoes Barefoot Style.

Ran out of room? Have no room? Potted Tomatoes...Barefoot Style. The Barefoot Garden

Make sure the pot has a drainage hole, and keep them watered. You will be glad you did. For extra added sweetness, plant a Nasturtium in the pot as well. Companion planting does not need to be limited to a “real” Garden. Always use Compost for planting food. I mix it with 1/3 Peat Moss for aeration and moisture control. I do not recommend using Potting Soil.

Next up, Planting Tomatoes in the Garden.

Planting Tomatoes Barefoot Style. The Barefoot Garden

Gather your supplies and tools. You will need Tomato plants and Epsom Salts (not pictured.) Tomato cages for support, and to mark your holes. Trough Shovel, to dig deep, and a Trowel. I use my trusted Landscape Knife.

For more on Hori-Hori, my favorite Gardening tool, check out my post Magic Touch & Her Tools.

  Planting Tomatoes Barefoot Style. The Barefoot Garden

Choose your location. My amending was already done. More on that @ The Barefoot Garden, Amending the Soil

I turned the Tomato Cages upside-down to mark placement.

Planting Tomatoes Barefoot Style. The Barefoot Garden

Using a Trough Shovel, I dug 12′ deep narrow hole for the plants. Sprinkle Epsom Salts in the hole.

Planting Tomatoes Barefoot Style. The Barefoot Garden

Place the Tomato Plant as deep as possible. Roots will sprout from the stem, making a stronger plant.

Water and you are good to go. I always try to do my Planting and Transplanting just before it is due to rain.

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Ran out of room? Have no room? Potted Tomatoes...Barefoot Style. The Barefoot Garden

The above picture was captured May 25…just 3 weeks later…


Potting and Planting Tomatoes The Barefoot Garden

September 12, 2014

I must have done this one right. My potted tomatoes did incredibly well. Overall, the tomatoes did the best. The potted tomato above, was the most successful of all. Large pot, caged, and got the most consistent water. Next year I will be using an even bigger pot.

As far as the other tomatoes, changes will include:

Do not tie Cherry Tomatoes to the fence. They got way too heavy and it made harvesting harder. I will be staking them.

 The Romas will be caged.

Large Tomatoes will be staked instead of caged. They grew well and the yield proved to be too heavy for the cages to hold.

All in all, it was a very successful Garden. Impressive for my first one. I am so looking forward to next year.

I have been experimenting with different ways to preserve the tomatoes. So far the Dehydrated Cherries, and Grape Tomatoes were  easy, and taste good.  I squeezed out the insides and layed them flat on a tray. I placed them in the oven @ 250º for 2 hours, lowered the temperature to 150º for about 10 hours. I had intentions of making Tomato Powder, but I keep eating them…LOL…

I did pull off my first pot of Sauce. It is amazing. The only ingredient I did not grow was the clove of Garlic. I skinned 5 different kinds of Tomatoes put in a sprig of Basil, 1/2 Bell Pepper, and an Onion. I then simmered for hours and hours. I chose to leave the seeds in and the consistency is  chunky. The taste is phenomenal! Next year there will be some major preserving going on. This year was a test! And I passed….


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