Cabin Fever @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Snowflakes are falling @Magic Touch & Her Gardens

As I write this post, we are having a Winter from Hell! Pretty much across the entire Country. We have experienced two Polar Vortexes to date, and too many snow storms, I have lost count. Cabin Fever is taking it’s hold on too many of us. Especially those still without power…

National Weather Service, Polar Vortex. Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Florida got Snow! credit: KIOA 93.3

Montgomery County, PA was hard hit with an Ice Storm on Tuesday night, February 4th which knocked out power to 650,000 homes. We still have areas not on. I was out for 24 hours and that was enough.

PP&L Power outagePP&L as well as PECO, Verizon & Comcast have been hard at work restoring downed lines and removing trees limbs from the overhead wires.

My Antidote: Lists, lists, and more lists.  I have an overwhelming  desire to get as much done as I can before it is Gardening time. I have been spending my time getting caught up with my Quilt orders, preparing my plan for this years Gardens, and making plans for my very first veggie garden…

But seriously, Cabin Fever to many is a feeling of being boxed in…There are great ways to help with that….We tend to suffer because of the lack of light during the Winter months, and our incredible desire to feel warmth…Let the Light in! Put on warm comfy clothes and move around…Make sure you get enough Omega 3s, and Vitamin D…


Candle Gazing is something to consider…

The benefits are endless, and it can be done in the comfort of your very own cabin…

For the full article please visit In5D….

And in the meantime I will be marking things off my list, in preparation for a Wonderful Growing Season….Stay warm!


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