Oatmeal in the Raw

Fast food at it’s finest!

Oatmeal in the Raw Magic Touch & Her Gardens SMThis is one of the easiest power packed meals you could make…Healthy, clean eating…

Another Pinterest inspired recipe from The Yummy Life

It is easy!

Start by gathering your supplies:

6 Pint jars w/lids

1/2 Gallon Almond Milk

1 Quart No-fat Greek Yogurt

Rolled Oats

Chia Seeds

Dried Blueberries

Dried Tart Cherries

Fresh Blueberries, to add just prior to eating


In each jar, add

2/3 c Almond Milk

1 Tbl Chia Seeds

1/2 c Greek Yogurt

1/2 c Rolled oats

Dried fruit

Put the lid on and shake, place in the refrigerator overnight…

Add Fresh Fruit in the morning and you are good to go…don’t forget the spoon…

*This recipe can be altered to suit your taste…

Overnight oatmeal The yummy lifeThe Yummy Life has an article worth reading…and a link to even more flavors…The possibilities are endless…Click here to read more...

What a Great Start to your day!

Here is another Breakfast alternative…

Cookies for Breakfast...An amazing recipe for cookies you can eat for Breakfast...Recipe found at http://wp.me/p3Nt7H-aACookies for Breakfast


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