Taking Care…

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, January 20th

I believe the answer to his question is: Taking care of myself!

By taking care of ourselves first, we have the energy to care for others. Charity starts at home…

We tend to be overwhelmed with the world around us, for good reason. My Promise is to take care of me first, by cleaning up my diet, learning the importance of nutrition, and preparing Healthy food…and then the sharing starts…

I am fortunate to have access to incredible information. Learning about the “food like substances” we are consuming has put me on an incredible road to healing. And how our everyday lives erode away at our health.

The instinct to heal

We all have the ability to Heal…The information in this book gives you very easy steps to maintain a Healthy brain…Chaos to Coherence is as easy as 2 deep breathes…Chaos to Coherence. Magic touch & Her Gardens

As we experience Stress and Trauma our brains become separated, producing chemicals to which if left unchecked can cause damage. Chapter 5 teaches you how easy it is to start the repair process  through Rapid Eye Movement…it is that easy…Coping Skills 101…

Food rules

Michael Pollen is a Journalist who took an interest in the “Western” Diet…With a touch of humor added, he makes it real simple to understand what we are consuming…”Food Like Substances”…

World's Healthiest foods

The World’s Healthiest Food is the most comprehensive book on food I have read to date…well, not cover to cover, but the information is all there…Best resource on food I have found…

My Library is extensive…and well used…I am only sharing things I have learned along my path called Life…

Reading these books is what you can do for others…especially if you are feeding children…Nutrition is the key!

* Book Links are to Town Book Center & Cafe…My “local” book store…


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