Magic Touch & Her School Quilts

The Quilt Cabinet

Perkiomen Valley School District,  Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Orange & Brown

When my son was between second and third grade, our district built a new elementary school. I decided the new building needed its own quilt. And then it started…Quilts for each building, South being the only building not represented…

Evergreen Quilt The Quilt Cabinet1996

Skippack Elementary Quilt The Quilt Cabinet1998

Schwenksville Elementary Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2004

Miller Building Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2008

For more info on The 5th Grade Quilt Project click here…

Perkiomen Valley High School Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2003

Perkiomen Valley East Middle School Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2004

Perkiomen Valley West Middle School Quilt The Quilt Cabinet2004

Perkiomen Valley Yearbook The Quilt CabinetWhat an Honor! Me and my School Quilts were used as the ground for the Middle School Yearbook. There is even a little tribute to me….

Perkiomen Valley Quilt Lady Perkiomen Valley Patch Joanne LaSpina The Quilt Cabinet

Joanne LaSpina had written an incredible article all about me!

Perkiomen Valley Quilt Lady…Another honor!

The School Quilts represent so much for me. Perkiomen Valley Pride at it’s finest. Please visit The Quilt Cabinet/The School Quilts for more detail on these Quilts…Quilts always have a Story! Enjoy!

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