Magic Touch & Her Cedar Chest

The Quilt Cabinet

My Cedar Chest if chock full of Quilts…Miniatures, Lap, Summer, and even an Amish Quilt

The Cedar Chest The Quilt CabinetWhat you see in the Chest are my personal Treasures…The Christmas Log Cabin is the first “official” Quilt I had made. The large Dresden Plate is an Amish made Quilt given to me as a gift. The Miniature Dresden Plate, on the front of the Chest, has 15 different pieces to make up each “plate” hand appliqued on Muslin. Finished w/hand quilting….

For more detail on these Quilts visit The Cedar Chest @ The Quilt Cabinet…

I have made a whole lot of Quilts, here is but a few…

Pig Quilt The Quilt CabinetFirst up is a Pig Quilt.

A Scrappy Applique I did a few years back…1997 to be exact. One of the few Quilts I signed….

Oragami Quilt The Quilt CabinetThis Kimono Quilt was made using a pattern from a book titled Fabric Origami.

Fabric Oragami The Quilt CabinetHere it is a little closer…See the folded fabric which is called Ushiromigoro.

The Quilt Cabinet Crown Royal

This Quilt is made from Crown Royal bags…It hangs in a hunting cabin up the mountains…

The Quilt Cabinet Flag QuiltAnd here we have the American Flag Quilt…Love Red, White, and Blue…

TheQuiltCabinet Miniature FlagA picture of my Mini Flag…

It is hanging on the open door of my Quilt Cabinet, which would explain the awkward angle…

Miniature Dresdan Plate The Quilt CabinetA close up of the Miniature Dresden Plate I did. Each one of those tiny little circles are made with 15 different pieces of fabric…

I sure do hope you enjoyed my Quilts. Please visit The Cedar Chest page on The Quilt to view more of my work…Click here

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