Magic Touch & Her T-Shirt Quilt

The Quilt Cabinet

As some of you may know by now, I make Quilts. T-Shirt Quilts…

A T-shirt Quilt is a Quilt made from clothing…You provide the shirts…I do the rest. Concert shirts, Sports shirts, Baby Clothes, Destination shirts…The list is endless.

Here are some examples…

T-Shirt Quilt The Quilt CabinetA Lifetime of Swimming…went off to College…

T-shirt Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

A Lifetime of Memories…

T-Shirt Quilt The Quilt CabinetBaby Clothes….

T-Shirt Quilt The Quilt CabinetWhy keep them in a box?….Reuse them to make a  personal Quilt for your child…

T-Shirt Quilt The Quilt CabinetAnd here we have a Quilt made from a Father’s shirts…Keep the memory alive…

T-Shirt Quilt The Quilt CabinetHere is one for a College Graduation…

You send me 25  T-Shirts and I will make you a Treasure to last a lifetime…

Each shirt is “framed,”  made into a quilt block, then sewn together to make your one of a kind Treasure…

Finished size can vary…They usually finish around 72X88, depending on the shirts used.


My contact info:

By phone – 610.287.9662

or by E-mail –

Or you can leave me a Message on Facebook at The Quilt Cabinet

Memories made…into a Quilt, that is…

I also make Photo Quilts…

Photo Quilt, www.TheQuiltCabinet.comClick here for more details..

5 thoughts on “Magic Touch & Her T-Shirt Quilt

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  4. Hi could you please tell me how much you charge to make me a blue jean quilt for a twin size.I provide the jeans

    • Sharon, I only make this pattern in lap or miniature, it is just too heavy. A twin would require 20 to 24 pair. As soon as things settle down I will be working on another pattern which is half the weight. Please stay tuned~Judy

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