Magic Touch & Her Quilt(s)



It all started with a pattern, Controlled Chaos…

Controlled Chaos. www.TheQuiltCabine.comShown in Black and White Ombre

I developed this pattern a few years back. Since, I have secured a Patent. Wow!

With this pattern I am able to create Quilts for all seasons, for all reasons…

The pattern allows me to go from Contemporary…


TheQuiltCabinet Contemporary

Choosing the right fabric makes all the difference. Here I took a Victorian fabric and pulled the gray and black to create Contemporary!

To Traditional….

TheQuiltCabinet My Personal Quilt

This is a Quilt with an incredible story. My first Controlled Chaos. My Favorite. It has been on my bed for many years…and it travels with me…Oh the places it has gone…If Quilts could talk…I would be in trouble for sure…LOL..

The fabrics I chose lend a Traditional feel, the subtle colors have looked tea stained since day one. Quilting cotton allows a comfort like none other. This quilt was made w/o batting (Summer Quilt) and has provided me w/a soft place to fall. It is Machine Quilted…

The Quilt Cabinet offers Handmade Quilts, T-shirt, and Photo Quilts....

The Quilt Cabinet always has treasures you could become the proud owner of…

 My Quilts are Handmade…. 

Finished size measures 57X72

Cost: $200

If you see anything you are interested in purchasing contact me…

I can be reached by phone – 610.287.9662

or by E-mail –

Or you can leave me a Message on Facebook at The Quilt Cabinet

Some of my Themed Quilts are shown in Magic Touch & Her Quilt Cabinet

Click here for more detail…

You can also view my Photo Quilts

Photo Quilt, www.TheQuiltCabinet.comHere is the link…

And my T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilt The Quilt CabinetClick here…

Thank you for visiting…Come back again…

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