Magic Touch & Her Quilt Cabinet


The Quilt Cabinet

I make Quilts!

When it is not suitable for Gardening it is Quilt time!

Let’s preview what’s in my Cabinet.

The Quilt Cabinet offers Handmade Quilts, T-shirt, and Photo Quilts.... My Quilts are Handmade…. 

Finished size measures 57X72

Cost: $200

If you see anything you are interested in purchasing contact me…

I can be reached by phone – 610.287.9662

or by E-mail –

Or you can leave me a Message on Facebook at The Quilt Cabinet

To view a full image click here…

Texas Star Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Americana, Star Quilt done in rich Golds, Blues, and Burgundy….

Butterflies in Flight The Quilt Cabinet

Butterflies in Flight, done in shades of Blue and Cream with a splash of rustic Orange..The detail in the fabric is exquisite…

Chicken Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

And here we have Chickens…The Chicken Fabric has a Sage Ground, Cedar Shakes for the Coop, Subtle Orange, Dark Sage, and finished with Chicken Wire…Keep the Fox out of the Coop….

Rooster Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Here we have another Chicken Quilt, Basket weave to keep those Fresh Eggs safe, Straw for bedding, finished with a deep Red Chicken Wire….

Produce Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Anyone grow Veggies? Tomato, Green Onion, Sweet Onion, Corn

Sounds like a good Salsa in the making…just add lime….

Produce Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Vegetables at their finest, ready for Harvesting…

I added Chicken wire to keep the Critters out…

Citrus Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Florida Sunshine

Life is a Picnic Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Life is a Bowl of Cherries, Let’s go on a Picnic!

Apple Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

An Apple Quilt, for the Apple of your Eye

How about for your Favorite Teacher?

Tool Bench Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Tool Bench Quilt, for the Handyman in your life….

Tiger Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Tiger Quilt…Snuggle up with a few Big Cats…  This has been SOLD!

Wine Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Wine Quilt

The fabrics used in this Quilt are wine themed, Wine & Cheese with a nice Crusty Bread, Map of the Wine Region, Dusty Pink with a Gold Sparkle , finished with a Rich Gold on Gold…

Wine Lover's Quilt The Quilt Cabinet

Wine Lover’s Quilt


Full view

Wine b

Back detail

The colors of Tuscany! Wine bottles and glasses on a black ground…Corks, Wooden Corkscrews, The writing is on the plaster wall…and the best…The Black I used to finish this Quilt has glass rings on it…

These quilts are made to enjoy. They are comfortable. They are constructed with 100% cotton front and back. Sewn with cotton thread. Hand knotted with cotton string. I use 4-ounce polyester batting. I like the lighter weight, it doesn’t bunch, and it keeps you warm and cozy.
My quilts are machine pieced with the best machine ever. It holds up to me!
Each quilt is hand knotted, which is a very old technique. I do not hand quilt them, that just takes too long. I have the attention span of a gnat.
The binding is attached to the front by machine and hand sewn to the back.
They are machine-washable. The dye used in fabric-making seem to hold up much better than it used to. But you do need to remember cotton is a natural fiber.

To find more detail about Me & My Quilts, please visit

Here is the link to my page TheQuiltMaker/Quilts…

I also make Quilts to order…Here are a few Themed Quilts I had done for the Holidays….

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

The Quilt Cabinet offers Handmade Quilts, T-shirt, and Photo Quilts....Halloween Quilts

(and for a DIY: Halloween Candle Holder…Click Here!)

Fall Quilt The Quilt CabinetThanksgiving/Fall

The Quilt Cabinet offers Handmade Quilts, T-shirt, and Photo Quilts....Christmas Quilts are always a Favorite…

The Quilts in The Quilt Cabinet are available for purchase…and also I do special orders…

I can be reached by phone – 610.287.9662

or by E-mail –

Or you can leave me a Message on Facebook at The Quilt Cabinet

Photo Quilt,

I also make Photo Quilts…for more info click here….

And for Valentine’s Day we have No Calorie Candy with all the Comfort!

No Calorie Candy The Quilt Cabinet Large(57X72) ChocolateA Candy Quilt in a Candy Heart box…for More info click here…

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