Before & After

Magic Touch & Her Gardens

Magic Touch welcomes you!Magic Touch

What was....MagicTouch& my Journey...What once was….

Has become....MagicTouch& my Journey...

Has become…..

What is....MagicTouch& my Journey...

Making a house a Home…A place for Nature to land….

Through Gardening I have turned baron land into something viable.

104 Maple Avenue was part of a rather large farm. The soil was not suitable for farming. Back in the early 50’s the property was developed, Brookwater Park was built. Many of the original Homeowners remain to this day. And as they pass on their children are moving back to the street…What a Homecoming.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of this neighborhood since the early 70’s. I was friends with a whole lot of kids who called Maple Avenue home.

What a find. I was looking for my first “home” which would accommodate me and my son, Michael, our dog and Magic Touch. This property had everything I needed.

A small home, Cape Cod, my favorite…

An oversize 2-car garage to convert to my salon.

Lots of yard….to Garden…

First on the Agenda, refinish hardwood floors in the house…convert oil to gas….and make the house a home…Lots of paint and the removal of unnecessary doorways….livable…

And then we moved on to the garage….We started in February and…

Garage before Magic Touch

 Magic Touch opened in April!

Magic Touch welcomes you!

For more images of Before and During and After

click here>>Magic Touch & Her


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