Figs & Their Trees

My Gardens would not be complete without a Fig Tree, or few…

Here you will find everything you would need to know about Fig Trees and their fruit. From the different varieties to recipes…to overwintering them…

Tiger Striped Fig  Longwood Gardens

Tiger Stripe Fig at Longwood Gardens

Tiger Stripe or “Panachée” variety of Ficus carica are unique because of their “tiger” stripes of green and yellow and their later autumn harvest date. The uniquely colored figs require a long, warm growing season to develop their sweet flavor. – See more at: Specialty Produce

Turkey Fig @ Longwood Gardens

Turkey Fig at Longwood Gardens

From Twigs to Figs

Looking for ways to Identify Figs I came across this article…From Twigs to Figs

lots of info on propagating…

Espalier Fig at Longwood Gardens

Espalier Fig at Longwood Gardens

Espalier is the Art of training fruit trees to grow on a lattice. Trees grown in this manor are known to produce more fruit without taking up valuable space in the Garden…And they look pretty…

Fig Tree @ Magic Touch & Her Gardens, How to prepare your Fig for Winter

I am in Zone 6, most Figs are Hardy to Zone 8. We need to provide extra protection for our Figs during Winter months. My Fig is in the ground and I chose to wrap it for the winter.

Details can be found at Magic Touch & Her Fig Tree

Overwintering a Potted Fig from

Melissa, Empress of Dirt has a Potted Fig she overwinters…Click here to get detailed instructions.

Magic Touch & Her Fig Tree, From the different varities, recipes and overwintering...Lots of info on Fig Trees in your Garden...

I had recently purchased different verities of Figs from Florida Hill Nursery. I now have 4 more Varieties.

Celeste, Purple, Black Mission, and Magnolia…Click on each name for more details…

Magic Touch & Her Fig Tree, From the different varities, recipes and overwintering...Lots of info on Fig Trees in your Garden...

This is an image of my first ripe fig of 2013. I look forward to fresh Figs every year. And I am never disappointed…

For Nutritional information about fresh Figs, visit World’s Healthiest Foods


Karin at Markgraeflerland has a few recipes for using fresh Figs.

Figs with goat cheese au gratin


As per Stephanie, If you could put the flavor of late summer in a jar this would be it. Fresh figs are such a delight and around for such a short period of time.

Click on over to Garden Therapy for this delectable recipe,

Balsamic Caramelized Figs

feigensenf3, Fig Mustard

Feigensenf translates to Fig Mustard

Another Great recipe from Karin at Markgraeflerland

Cookies for Breakfast...An amazing recipe for cookies you can eat for Breakfast...Recipe found at

Cookies for Breakfast

And for an extra added treat…Cookies…Healthy enough to eat as a Breakfast alternative…


7 thoughts on “Figs & Their Trees

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  2. I would love to try growing a fig tree, but since I live in MN (zone 4) it would have to live in a pot. Just wondering if you have any suggestions or recommendations for the best variety to start with as we’ll as where I would be able to purchase a small starter tree.

    • I would recommend you get a variety which gives you Figs in July and September, Mission Fig would be a good choice. There are many Nurseries on line that offer young trees. You will not get fruit for a few years, or you could locate a more mature plant, which will cost you a lot more…Happy Fig hunting!

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