The Miracles of Coconut Oil

Realizing the devastating effects of Chemicals in our lives, Coconut Oil has become a staple in my house. Do what works for you…Many uses to choose from…Here’s to a Healthier You!Cobalt Cosmetic Jars

My bathroom is well stocked.

For more Photos of my Bathroom click here.

Toothpaste: Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

Deodorant: Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, and Corn Starch

Face Moisturizer: Coconut Oil

Body Moisturizer: Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

I discover more ways to use Coconut Oil every day.

It has an SPF of 15, without the harmful Chemicals. It kills fleas on contact.

And it is a great cooking oil.

Coconut Oil is solid below 75 degrees. You can mix it with Olive Oil to prevent it from becoming solid in the winter months (half and half.) In the Summer you can incorporate melted Bees Wax to make it more of a solid (one oz wax to eight oz of oil.)

coconut_oil_benefits13 Benefits of Coconut Oil

From removing Head Lice to soothing Stomach Ulcers…

Read more about it over at Green Meds Info


Coconut Oil and Brain Health…Lots of information linking Coconut Oil and the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Coconut Coffee

The Lucky Writer has discovered a way to get your coconut oil in with your morning coffee.

Recipe can be found here…

oil pulling

Coconut Oil is used for Oil Pulling

Integrative Nutrition has a great article on the subject.

80 uses for coconut oil

A friend just sent me this link to a list compiled by David Luper, Sr

Nature provides everything we need…


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