Happy Birthday To ME!

Halloween is my Birthday! Having a Halloween Birthday is the BEST!

I think I am taking a day off .

Happy Birthday to ME! Post

Here is what I have been up to for the past few months…Well actually years!

My Man Michael Muche

This is my son Michael…He has been in my life for the past 25 years. Being his Mother has been the greatest gift of my life…

This image was taken in The Rose Garden @ Muhlenberg College

Click here to see the Roses…

Judy A.Muche

I have become a Blogger! I belong to a Tribe of Bloggers known as the Garden Charmers…

Check us out on FaceBook…


Visit our post…You can meet all of us!

Jack o'Lantern Collage

This pretty much speaks for itself…Click here to view this post…

The above round-ups are a group effort by the Charmers…

Magic Touch

I launched my new web site on the 30th Anniversary of Magic Touch.

August 18, 2013

There you will find my before and after pictures of my current location…My Home….

Magic Touch & Her Gardens.com

Mini Woodland Garden

One of my favorite Gardens is my Mini-Woodland Garden

To see more details, click here…

Cobalt Cosmetic Jars

Just today (10-30-13) I did a post on Coconut Oil…

Jack o' Lantern

For a last minute Jack o’Lantern idea check out my post on HomeTalk!

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

And then there is the DIY Halloween Candle Holder made from the scraps of Cindy’s Halloween Quilt!

Speaking of Quilts…

No Calorie Candy

I made this… No Calorie Candy with all the Comfort! A quilt in an over-sized Velvet Heart box…What a wonderful Gift for your Sweetheart (or yourself!)

Check out my web site… The Quilt Cabinet.com

Magic Touch & Her Bathroom

 And then we have part of my Renovating…I love my Bathroom…My own personal mini-spa…

Powder Room Before and After

One day makeover…

Mum in Children's Garden @ Longwood

My latest obsession…LOL…Here are some of the picks from the Mum Festival @ Longwood Gardens…One of the most incredible Gardens and they are only 40 minutes away…Lucky me

Barb Rosen and Judy A Muche at Longwood Gardens

And this is my trip to meet Barb Rosen for the first time…Tornado Warnings and all

Longwood Gardens in the Rain

My list would not be complete without my love for Nature….

Green Heron Baby

Magic Touch & Her Birds


And my love for Bugs!

plant list

And last but by no means least, Mr & Mrs Brown’s Garden…

Leave it to us to put in a Garden during the Hottest weekend of the Summer…

It was well worth it…Check it out here…

Happy Halloween w:web


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