Mum Festival @ Longwood Gardens

From Clouds…

Cloud Mums at Longwood Gardens

To Fireworks!

Salmon Spider Mum @ Longwood Gardens

The Carousel of Blooms is loaded with the different Varieties Longwood  grows…all labeled

Carousel of Blooms @ Longwood Gardens


Bright Pink Mums @ Longwood Gardens

Mum @ Longwood Gardens


Pom-pom Mum @ Longwood Gardens

Orange Daisy Mum @ Longwood Gardens


Lavender Mum @ Longwood Gardens

Mum in Children's Garden @ Longwood


Spider Mum @ Longwood Gardens

Big Mums @ Longwood Gardens

And to cover all of the senses…

Anemone Mum @ Longwood Gardens

The Anemone Mum…

Courtyard @ Longwood Gardens

Pull up a blanket and a great book….This Courtyard is so inviting…

And then there are the displays…

Mum Topiary @ Longwood Gardens


Dome of Mums @ Longwood Gardens

A Small Dome of Mums

Pagoda @ Longwood Gardens

A Pagoda of Mums

Bonsai chrsynthamums

There are Bonsai Chrysanthemums  over in the Bonsai Display

For more of the Bonsai click here

And for  the most spectacular of them all…

Sign @ Longwood Gardens

1000 Blooms

1000 Blooms @ Longwood Gardens

To learn more about the construction and Labor of Love check out the Video….

Thank you for touring Longwood Gardens with me….


2 thoughts on “Mum Festival @ Longwood Gardens

  1. I have never been there but feel like I have thru your blog posts! I must make the trip and go there one day! Beautiful job and keep up the great blog posts!!! Very informative!

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