Ott’s Exotic Plants

Ott's Exotics


Ott’s Exotic Plants

A local treasure. The mountain is always a delight. From Easter Sunrise Service to Christmas.

Enjoy the sights.

Mums and Kale

Mountian of Mums

Pumpkin Display

Great selection of Pumpkins

Pumpkins at Ott's

Pumpkins for Sale

Pumpkin Banner

Mums and Kale

Mums and Ornamental Kale for sale

Ornamental Kale

Who knew there were so many to chose from?

Counter Display for Halloween

Great gift ideas are inside

Indian Corn

Wrought Iron Chair

Antique Wrought Iron chair for those who need to take a load off their feet…

Jack o'Lantern

And my favorite…Jack o’Lantern Sleigh Bell….

Hope you enjoyed the tour…

Happy Halloween!


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