Longwood Gardens in the Rain

Barb Rosen and Judy A Muche at Longwood Gardens

Barb Rosen (Our Fairfield Home & Garden) and I met today at Longwood Gardens…for lunch and a stroll in the rain. We have been Following each other on Pinterest for a little over a year now. We recently joined a group of Bloggers, The Garden Charmers, eleven of us total, who are spread out all over the world. Barb and I are both from the Northeastern part of the US. Lucky for us, Longwood provided the perfect place for us to meet in person…

Kousa Dogwood at Longwood Gardens

What a magnificent tree. The Kousa Dogwood. I could not get over the size of the trunk.

Kousa Fruit

A favorite among birds, Kousa fruit is eatable. Over at Eat The Weeds, there is a great article about them…

Fountain at Longwood

As we were nearing the fountain we could here the music. We made it in time to watch the end of the show. Even in the rain, it was refreshing.

Angel Trunpet at Longwood

First up on the Walk of Flowers was a Lavender Angel Trumpet…Purple, my Favorite.

Elephant Ears at Longwood

I look over my right shoulder, and saw a Beautiful example of Elephant Ears…Aren’t they gorgeous?

Quill Mum at Longwood

Quill Mum

Along the Walk of Flowers Longwood has chosen to do their plantings in waves of Color. First up is Pink…
Dahlia at Longwood Gardens


These were taller than me!

Pentas at Longwood Gardens


What a delicate little flower drenched in Pink…

Perfect in Pink At Longwood Gardens

Pink Dahlia

We need to come up with a saying for this image…Perfect in Pink….

Red Dahlia at Longwood Gardens

Red Dahlia

And then there was red…

Galvanized Container at Longwood Gardens

Galvanized Container

I am pretty sure you will find a similar Container in my Garden next year… I am thinking Deep Purple with the Silver Sage…

Lantana at Longwood Gardens


This lies in transition to Yellow….

Salmon Angel Trumpet at Longwood Gardens

Salmon Angel Trumpet

Salmon at it’s Finest!

Gerber Daisies at Longwood Gardens

Gerber Daisies

And then there is the Golden Orange….

Flower Walk at Longwood Gardens

Yellow Dahlia

Next up,  Buttery Yellow!

Yellow Brick Road at Longwood Gardens

Mixed Border Garden

Did we find the Yellow Brick Road?

White Flower Walk at Longwood

Mixed Border

Here is a splash of White…Mounds of Mums emulating Snow…soon enough…

Angel Trumpet Silver Sage at Longwood Gardens

Angel Trumpet, Silver Sage Foliage

Another Angel Trumpet…Even without the Flowers it puts on a fine Show.

Bog Planter at Longwood Gardens

Bog Planter

Doing a planting in a container allows you to plant Bog Plants (those which like wet feet.)

Pitcher Plant at Longwood Gardens

Pitcher Plant

Up close and personal…

These plants provide a wonderful transition to the woods…

Folly at Longwood Gardens


On the other side of the Woods along the path is a Folly…A new one on me. Which by definition means a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose…It would have a purpose if it was in my Garden…LOL.

By this time I had run my batteries down and Barb over at Our fairfield Home & Garden snapped this one…

Glass Pumpkins...Longwood Gardens

Our Tour was cut short with me and Barb, umbrellas open headed toward the Main Gate…The rain was coming down in Buckets…

So we hit the gift shop…My Token…a Glass Pumpkin to add to my collection of one…

I know I didn’t get enough…I will be returning…Look out Barb…


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