Jack o’ Lantern

Jack o'Lantern

Jack o’ Lanterns are a favorite at Halloween.

Jack o' LanternPumpkins are used in North America, while Turnips and Beets are customary in Europe, as early as 1660.


The story is told of Stingy Jack who made a deal with the Devil…He was not welcome in Heaven and he didn’t want to go to Hell so the Devil provided him an ever-burning ember which he placed in a carved Turnip to light his way for Eternity…Read the story at History.com…. The image of the turnip can be viewed at Wikipedia.org along with a slightly different version of the story….

Hop tu Naa

Hop tu Naa…Manx Halloween

Tanya at Lovely Greens has a wonderful story of Halloween in The Isle of Man. It was interesting to learn her husband and I share a birthday…Halloween….

It is time...For Pumpkins

One of my favorite Jack o’ Lanterns is the painted version. Painting it Black with the Pumpkin color showing as the cutout creates a Glow without the flame, and it keeps much longer. Directions can be found at Magic Touch & Her Pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Pail was a gift from my friend Barb Smith….She painted one of my Galvanized Buckets for me!

Barb's Pile of Pumpkins in the Daylight

A pile of Jack o’ Lanterns over at Our Fairfield Home & Garden….In the Daylight…

Barb's Pile of Pumkins in the Dark

In the Dark…EERIE…but Fun!


Turn your Lantern…into a Plantern….another creative touch.

Visit Stephanie over at Garden Therapy to learn how to make these guys…

diy halloween

Here is a DIY for Wood cutouts from Carol over at The Gardening Cook...

What a fun little project this would be…Best part…Power Tools….

Jack o' Lantern Gear

What an imagination….I just think this Jack o’ Lantern made from a gear is adorable…

Jack o' Lantern up close

The oxidation of the Iron makes this gear the perfect choice for a Pumpkin Face!

Visit Carlene at Organized Clutter to see more of her stuff!

Pumpkin Bike wheel

A Bicycle Wheel turned into a Jack o’Lantern…Another one of Carlene’s creations…

Check out her post to see what other creations Carlene mastered with her Wheel....

Jack o' Lantern Candle Holder

Jack o’ Lanterns on Canvas…Lit from the back…shown with my latest craft, a DIY Halloween Candle Holder. Easy directions are found here.

I found this Jack o’ Lantern canvas at Risher Van Horne…My local florist where I seem to find quite a few presents for me!

Magic Touch & Her Gardens, Jack o'Lanterns for All

My lastest addition to my Pumpkin Collection

A Jack o’Lantern Snowman….What more could I ask for?

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

When you cut your favorite Jack o’ Lantern remember to save seeds…Natural Cures Not Medicine will tell you why…

And for added entertainment…We have the Big Cat Rescue in Tamps Florida…Big Cat Halloween..

Happy Halloween w:web

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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