Angels in de Garden

They are everywhere. But first you must Believe. Invite Angels in. Ask them to protect your Garden…They will be honored to do the job….

Angels in de Garden

Here are a few Garden Angels shared by my friends. There are  DIYs, Thrift Store finds, Butterflies, and as an added bonus, Dancing in the Sky…A beautiful song to lift the Spirits of those who have lost loved ones.

Leave room Angels danceLeave Room for the Angels to Dance…available on Etsy

rustic-garden-angelGather your supplies; a couple of wire sock stretchers, two little metal castors off an old bed frame, wire fence staples, some little spoons, wire and a piece of weathered wood to make your own Rustic Garden Angel..

Directions are found at Blue Fox Farm

Our fairfield Home & Garden Angel Wooden Garden Angel adorns a planted wheelbarrow in the Garden of Len & Barb Rosen over at Our Fairfield Home & Garden.

Thrift Store AngelCarlene’s Garden Angel has her work cutout for her, she needs to rid the Garden of unwanted pests.

Read more about the Wooden Garden Angel @Organized Clutter

LouiseAngelEODA Garden Angel adorns the fence at Louise’s Garden.

You can find the supply list at Empress of Dirt.

Barb Smith's AngelHere we have a Rustic Garden Angel from my friend Barbara Smith…Isn’t she adorable…

Angels in de GardenAnd this is my Garden Angel, in the form of a Cabbage White. The “Angel” decided to take flight just as I was taking the picture. The Butterflies are sipping the moisture from mulch to get minerals, it is called puddling.

When you speak of Angels you can’t help but remember loved ones who have passed. This song was written by Dani & Lizzy. They are twin sisters from Canada. Have a listen…It will surely touch your ❤


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