Magic Touch & Her Pumpkins

It is Time…Fall has arrived, leaves are falling, and the great Pumpkin Harvest is in full swing…

Here is one of my favorites.

It is time...For Pumpkins

I bought the Pumpkin Stand at Risher Van Horne last year for my birthday…Which happens to be on Halloween.

Painting a pumpkin rather than cutting it has it’s advantages. The pumpkin will last a whole lot longer and it is rather easy to do.

Start with a Pumpkin

Start with a Pumpkin…


Gather your supplies. You will need Duct Tape, black acrylic paint, and a clear coat to make it waterproof…I uses Crystal Clear spray paint.

Duct Tape for Face

Cut two pieces, one for the mouth and the other for the eyes and nose. Cut two triangles for the eyes and one for the nose. Cut the desired shape for the mouth.

Duct Tape for Face

Adhere the cutouts to your pumpkin making sure the edges are sealed to prevent the paint from seeping under the tape.

Paint your pumpkin black. Don’t worry too much if the tape lifts some of the paint around the cutouts, you can always touch them up.

Remove Tape

Spray with a clear coat, and Viola! You have a face that glows….

Pumpkin Pail

This Pumpkin Pail was a gift from my friend Barb Smith. She painted it Pumpkin Orange. Then she painted on the face, outlined it with Gold and finished it with a stain. I love the Patina….Thank you!


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