DIY Halloween Candle Holder

And to think it all started with a Quilt…

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

What a great use for Quilting scraps.

DIY Halloween Candle Holder Supply List

Collecting the supplies is a favorite step in any DIY project. Make your list and go to it.

Glow in the Dark Paint

The first thing I did was apply the Glow in the Dark paint to the fabric. It adds stiffness when dry. Making it easier to cut out the pieces to be glued to the pot. If you do not have fabric you can use printed paper. Just make sure it is not a water soluble ink. The paint and glue would make it run.

Black Flower Pot

While the Glow in the Dark paint was drying I painted the flower pot and saucer Black.

Rough Cut Pumpkins

And then I rough cut the Pumpkins and Candy from the fabric.

Clean up edges

You need a very sharp pair of scissors to cut the fabric. Get as close to the edges as possible. In this case I didn’t need to worry much because the ground is black and so is the pot I am applying the pieces to…

Glue your pieces on, spray it with a Clear coat, fill it with Candy Corn, add your candle and there you have it!

DIY Halloween Candle Holder

When you burn the candle it warms the Candy Corn filling the room with the sweet smell of Halloween…Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Candle Holder

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