Magic Touch & Her Bathroom

Cobalt Cosmetic Jars

It all started with the tub….Clawfoot Dated April 21 1921This Clawfoot, dated April 21, 1922, was a gift to me….When it first arrived it was in the Garden planted with Flowers for the Butterflies. When it came time to do the downstairs renovations it was refinished and moved indoors. The bottom is Hammered Metal, Silver. The feet got a few coats of Satin White. And the inside was reglazed. Fixtures were purchased at Vintage Tub

ShowerThe Shower is 36″ X 36″ complete with Ruffled Tin for the ceiling….My first and probably last attempt installing a wet-bed. And I really do not ever have to tile again…What an undertaking…The Grouting was the most challenging of all…In spite of it all…I have a great shower.

TileThis is a closeup of the tile I used…Dolphin…Love the texture…

ToiletPlacing the toilet between the shower and closet worked well. I wasn’t real sure about placing it in front of a window, but as far as I know, the neighbors can’t see in…

The curtains are Shower Curtains on Springs on a spring rod…Hemming wasn’t a problem, just cut it to size.

ShellsI keep a basket, painted Cobalt Blue, filled with shells I have collected over the years on the back of the toilet.

Bathroom SinkThe ruffled tin Wainscoting provides a nice backdrop for a pedestal sink.  Storage is provided in the shelving unit with galvanized bins for easy access .

Cobalt Cosmetic JarsAn array of cosmetic jars are filled with my homemade toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, and body lotion.

For more info go to my post  The Miracles of Coconut Oil

Rock ThresholdThe thresh hold was constructed using polished river rock ant sand grout. I have also placed piles of rocks in the shower and in the corner under the sink. I have a rug made from river rock in front of the sink as well…Bringing Nature indoors…

DisplayCrabs are another favorite of mine…I keep them under the tub…There is a display of Beachy Art on the floor under the window.

Shelf CollageA collection of Cobalt Glass lines the shelves. Most of, if not all of the pieces were given to me by friends and clients. Ask and you shall receive….

For an extra added Bonus…Take a Detox Bath

Detox Bath Magic Touch & Her Gardens

I hope you enjoyed seeing my bathroom as much as I enjoy having it….


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