Magic Touch & Her Weeds

Plantago Major Collage

There are many reasons to have weeds in your Garden. I know, I know…Who would want weeds? Well this is one weed you surely want…..

Plantago Major

Nature’s Anti-Venom

For every action there is a reaction in Nature.

Finding solutions to Nature’s Stings are right under foot. Introduced in the late 1600’s, Plantain became favored by Native Americans, Native American Healing Secrets, by Porter Shimer, for all of the properties it holds.

Plantain is a natural anti-venom. It neutralizes the toxins injected by insects and spiders. It also works on Stingray stings. It is also known to relieve burns, including sunburn. I always carry a container of salve where ever I go…

Plantain Salve

When I first started making salve I used petroleum jelly for my base. I have since changed to Beeswax and Olive Oil. Add your Essential Oil at the very end, otherwise it will evaporate during the heating process. I chose Peppermint to mask the “weedy” smell. Peppermint Oil has healing properties as well. I purchase my supplies at Mountain Rose Herbs.

If you do not have salve, simply chew a Plantain Leaf and apply it to the bite. You will be amazed at the relief you feel…

Psyllium Seed

Plantago Major, Psyllium Seed

Psyllium seed husks are an incredible source of dietary fiber…and it is Gluten-free….



Plantain also serves as the Host plant for many different Butterflies, the Buckeye being among them.

So there you have it folks….Plant weeds….or at least allow them room to grow…


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