Devon’s Garden

As you turn the corner, you see a wonderful stand of trees, a well manicured edge planted with Begonias…What a wonderful front yard…A mini replica of Colorado complete with fast running stream…meander through the garden with the sound of rushing water at your feet… It provides a great nature center for the family to enjoy for many years to come…

Outside Corner

Bring Colorado home to the front yard….


The slate walkway meanders along the stream leading you to the front door…

 front walk

A wonderful Welcome…


The waterfall provides the sound of rushing water….a miniature river replacing the standard lawn…a place for children to grow….


A peaceful place to relax and enjoy Nature…

Stream Closeup

The stream picks up momentum as it comes to it’s end….


Only to be transported back to the waterfall where it all began…

Stream end

To the right of the stream there is a replica of a stoney outcrop…

center Island

Dawn Redwoods, Aspen, and Blue Spruce are among the stand of trees providing a natural “fence” keeping the children safe….

Inside Middle

The understory is comprised of shrubs and boulders….

Inside Middle Inset

This end of the Garden provides even more protection…You would never know of the busy road that lies just on the other side.

Inside End

Between the lush forest and the sound of running water, the outside world disappears…And the best part of the garden is the native Bears, five of them….Thank you for sharing….

Devon's Turkey Magic Touch & Her GardensThe latest addition to Devon’s Garden…A wild turkey…

Wonder if he will hang around fo Thanksgiving dinner…LOL…


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