Annette’s Garden

Annette”s Garden


Annette’s Garden is complete with an awesome Home…..Take a walk with me…

Front Entry

As you park your car you feel a sense of awe. Peacefulness falls upon your shoulders…This inviting entryway leeds you to an amazing porch…..

Front Porch

There is a wonderful collection of plants and found objects displayed on the front porch….the pink wooden pig happens to be my favorite…

Island Garden

The Island Garden above doubles as a sanctuary for the birds, providing food and shelter…


Hidden amongst trees and shrubs is the cutest little shed. Wonder what is inside?….

Veggie Garden

A vegetable patch surrounded by a picket fence to keep out the critters… Another adorable shed to house the garden tools…

Critter's work

And the fence can only protect the garden so much…It looks as if a little critter created a back door…sometimes they are smarter than we are…

Thank you for walking with me…I hope you enjoyed your tour…


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