Magic Touch & Her Tools

This post is dedicated to The Garden Charmers….Follow them on Facebook….

Carol @ is getting together a post about Tools. Which prompted me to do another post Magic Touch & Her Tools…and that I thank you for.

My favorite garden tool, by far is my Landscape Knife, aka Hori-Hori.

Landscape Knife

This knife was purchased in CA, 2000 at Restoration Hardware. It flew back with me and has been hard used for 13 years now. The blade is stainless steel with a wooden handle. Stainless steel is an alloy which holds up to the weather and me. The wooden handle is the best, except it broke after 13 years of very hard work. I searched every Hardware store in my area, including Delphi Supply, to no avail. I had to order it on line if I wanted it replaced…and then there is the option of replacing the handle, but I would have to do w/o it for a while. Maybe over the winter. And it ends up, I like it just the way it is….form fitting…LOL.

Here is a link if you would like to purchase one, but you research to see if you can find a better deal. Local is always my first choice…

Tool Bucket

And this would be my tool bucket. It doubles as a planter.

The plant in it is one of my favorites, Colocasia esculenta ‘Kona Coffee’ PP 22,420 (Kona Coffee Elephant Ear)….Tropical plant, created by John Cho…Dwarf reaching a hight of 2 to 3′, likes “wet feet” which makes it a great choice for a “tool” bucket….

Landscape Knife-

Improper Storage of a landscape knife…LOL
I try to keep keep my knife in the same I don’t have to remember where it was last…LOL…I never learned the proper way of storage…This works for me…At hand when I need it…but sometimes hard to find…Put things back…LOL…I always know where it should be…

The Garden Charmers & Their Tools

Magic Touch & Her Tools is featured on The Gardening Cook’s  Page, What is in My Garden Tool Kit? Click on over and check it out…


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